Cedar Hill Acres

Providing quality Southern Red
Cedar trees at fair price


About Us


  • Cedar trees are pyamidal shape with deep green thick lacy folliage which looks beautifull in any landscape.
  • Plant trees as stand alone or in small clusters.
  • Thick folliage privides excellent privacy hedge rows.
  • Ideal for softening up the look of walls, fences and structures.
  • Strong aromatic scent repells insects and is pleasing to our senses.

Mature Cedar trees are:

  •    8 - 16 feet in diameter
  •  20 - 25 feet tall
  •  does well in full sun or  partial shade
  •  drought tolerant
  •  fast growing with adaquate  watering

Pricing and terms


          2 gallon     1  to 3 feet   $   5.00           4 gallon     2 to  5 feet        9.00            7 gallon     4 to  8 feet       14.00          15 gallon    6 to 12 feet       31.00       


Payment by cash, check or money order before pickup.

Make pre-arrangement for free local delivery.

Can be shipped bear roots out of the local area 

Located in west central Lake County, Flordia

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